CDP Choline/Citicoline as Cognizin®

We upgraded our CDP Choline to Cognizin® and the results are amazing. Please see the research below

Cognizin®/Citicolne repairs, rebuilds and re-supplies the composites  needed for neuron repair. Increases Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) for cellular function and repair. CDP Choline enhances the release of norepinephrine, dopamine, serotonin & acetylcholine in the brain thus giving us a better more useful brain.

Cognizin® Citicoline Increases Motor Speed and Attention in Healthy Adolescent Males

Daily Cognizin® citicoline supplementation also improved motor speed and decreased impulsivity in study participants

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Cognizin® Citicoline Improves Attentional Performance in Healthy Adult Women

Citicoline showed significantly better ability to produce correct responses on the CPT-II, likely due to improved cognitive inhibition. Our findings suggest that citicoline may improve attentional performance in middle-aged women and may ameliorate attentional deficits associated with central nervous system disorders.

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Cognizin® Citicoline Increases Brain Energy (ATP) by 14% and Speeds up Formation of Brain Membranes by 26% in Healthy Adults

These data demonstrate that Citicoline-related alterations in brain neurochemistry are regionally specific and suggest that oral Citicoline administration improves cellular bioenergetics of the anterior cingulate cortex. These findings have important implications, given that maintenance of PCr and beta NTP levels have been shown to be neuroprotective.

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Chronic Citicoline Increases Phosphodiesters in the Brains of Healthy Older Subjects: An In Vivo Phosphorus Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Study

This study, carried out by the Consolidated Department of Psychiatry of Harvard Medical School, suggests that the administration of oral citicoline may be of use in reversing age-related changes in the brain

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Differential effect of Citicoline on brain cytosolic choline levels in younger and older subjects as measured by proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy

These results suggest that the cytidine moiety of CDP-choline stimulates phosphatidylcholine synthesis in human brain cell membranes in older subjects.

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Citicoline Affects Appetite and Cortico-limbic Responses to Images of High-calorie Foods.

These preliminary findings suggest a potential usefulness of citicoline in modulating appetite, but further research is warranted.

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Citicoline Improves Verbal Memory in Aging

This study, carried out at M.I.T's Clinical Research Center, tested the verbal memory of older volunteers given citicoline and measured its improvement in older individuals with relatively inefficient memories

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Citicoline Improves Memory Performance in Elderly Subjects

This study, carried out by the EuroEspes Biomedical Research Center in Spain, concludes that the citicoline molecule is suitable for the treatment of memory deficits in old people

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Cognizin® Study References

References for further research about Cognizin® citicoline

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