Refund Policy

So you tried Neuro-Stack, and it didn't deliver for you, that's so sad :(  

Did you use it for the full 30-days? If not, please use for 30-days and hold off on your return.

Some people feel the benefits in the first day or first week, if you didn't don't worry. Most people feel the improvements in the second or third week, and some people not until the fourth week.

Make sure you are taking the proper dosage as per the bottle, do not under dose. You can increase your dose if you like (lots of people do) it is a safe vegan product. Stay hopeful, keep taking it, and see how you are doing after you finish the bottle then decide if you want a refund.

No worries if you don't want to hold off for your refund, tell us and we will refund your money immediately. We have the most aggressive return policy of any nootropic stack out there.

100-day-money-back-guarantee!  That's right, contact us, and we will give you your money back, we can't make it any easier. Yeah, we are awesome and so is Neuro-Stack!  Call or text us at 1-844-933-6366

Please continue using the rest of the bottle as our gift to you. After using it for a full month, you may want to repurchase it. :)