Blessings, Thank you for trying Neuro-Stack by Akua Life. Take four capsules w/ food and 8 oz of water when you start your day, use daily for 5-days then take 2-days off. Neuro-Stack is safe for daily consumption but because of the potency it is not necessary to take every day. Cycling is recommended, even 3 on 1 off. See what works best for you.

For MAXIMUM RESULTS follow the bullet points below 

  • Take FOUR capsules each day continually after you EAT a LIGHT MEAL & DRINK 8 oz of WATER.
  • To make Neuro-Stack more bioavailable, consume Omega 3 fish oil or 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil, olive oil or any oil.
  • Benefits increase with daily, weekly and monthly use. Many people are seeing results as soon as the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd day. Take every day continually for best results. 4-6 weeks for maximum benefits.
  • Write down 1-5 goals you want to accomplish

There is NO Caffeine in Neuro-Stack. Neuro-Stack increases blood flow to your brain and will magnify the effect of the caffeine in the coffee, the same is true with alcohol. If you feel “jittery,” it’s from the caffeine in the coffee.

You will sleep, rest, and heal better because your cognitive functions will be enhanced and your body will have an increase in nerve regeneration from the NGF Nerve Growth Factor in the Lion’s Mane Mushroom.

Please research the Ingredients in Neuro-Stack. We even have 9 patented ingredients for optimum cellular absorption. As of 1/2019, we are the only nootropic stack with 9 patented ingredients! Most of our ingredients are of higher quality and more potent than our competitors, please compare.

Enhanced memory, focus, clarity, and learning ability are just the beginning. There are many other positive effects of taking Neuro-Stack. Top results from customers are listed below.

  1. LESS ANXIETY, Better Mood, Happy for no Apparent Reason, a Positive Attitude, Happier
  2. LESS DEPRESSION, Feeling More Joyous and Lively, a Sense That Everything’s OK, Feeling Good
  3. PAIN RELIEF, Neuropathy Pain Relief, Healing Faster, Headache Relief, Easier Breathing, Lungs Cleared Up
  4. INCREASED ENERGY, More Vitality, Feeling Younger & Stronger, Better Skin Texture
  5. DEEPER SLEEP, Positive Dreams, Waking Up Feeling Rested, Ability to Deal with Stress is Improved
  6. INCREASED MEMORY, Ability to Focus Better, More Clarity, Less Brain Fog
  7. INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY, Better Word Recall, Easier Learning Ability, Faster Thinking

*FDA Disclaimer


Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of specific results & results can vary.