Yes, it is true, Huperzine-A improves neurotransmitters, memory, and cognition. The effects of Huperzine-A are fantastic as is true for many of the nootropics available today!

During the infancy stages of the development of Neuro-Stack, Huperzine-A was one of the ingredients on the list to be considered as well. It was at the top of the list because it is well known, it gets results, it is incredibly inexpensive and extremely profitable. Maybe the cheapest nootropic available, ever! You can buy it on Amazon (as of May 2018) for .0006 cents per dose, retail! That is less than 2 pennies for a months supply! From a capitalistic viewpoint, Huperzine-A is the star child to becoming a Gazillionaire!

Maybe that is why what we are about to share with you gets overlooked and not spoken about. Maybe companies do not know or care what we are going to share with you, it is an expensive piece of information, for the company. It is a 600,000% markup in price, minimum!

Financially speaking, it would benefit any company to add it to their stack because of the ridiculous profit margin, excellent for the corporation selling the nootropic. We found research that shows it is not so pleasant for the people consuming it in a daily nootropic stack.

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Huperzine-A can be toxic in large amounts. You may not even know that you are suffering from Huperzine-A overdose. It creeps up on you with symptoms of insomnia, anxiety, high blood pressure, slowed heart rate, restlessness, sweating, loss of appetite, contraction of muscle fibers, constipation, and twitching. These are the typical, less severe problems of taking Huperzine-A every day. A few of the more severe complications are dizziness, nausea, cramping, muscle tremors, blurred vision, slurred speech, and even drooling. Obviously, we do not want to consume large amounts of Huperzine-A, and by large amounts, we are talking about a minimal amount. Try not to consume over 200mcg once every two or three days.

Huperzine-A's has a half-life of at least 24 hours. Half-life means 50% of a substance you consume would still be in your body after a certain amount of time, in this case after 24 hours or more.

Let's say you take 200mcg on day one, day two you take 200mcg more, 100mcg is still in your body from day one, now you are at 300mcg that is too much, and your body never gets a chance to repair and build neuro-pathways without it. We do not want that. We believe the purpose of a nootropic stack is to aid the body, not to become a lifetime crutch.

CONCLUSION ABOUT HUPERZINE-A: When taking Huperzine-A, cycling is a must, and it should not be consumed every day because of its long half-life. Remember Huperzine-A's half-life is a minimum of 24 hours. It adds up quickly, and large amounts are toxic.

Buy it separately and cycle it every 2 or 3 days. Do not use Huperzine-A in a daily stack for two reasons: 1. Why pay a 600,000% mark up?  2. It can create havoc on your body if taken every day because of its half-life. Find a different nootropic to use or at very least do not use Huperzine-A every day. Just say no to Huperzine-A in your daily stack.

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We chose not to use DMAE AND HUPERZINE-A  in our stack, ever, period. With so many choices on the market today, the reward versus the risk is not worth it. If you do decide to use them, then buy them separately. Literally, it costs a manufacturer less than ONE DOLLAR for a months supply of DMAE and Huperzine-A, why pay such an astronomical markup and have possible health risks too?

Be more discerning when it comes to your nootropic stack. Read the labels and get the highest potency possible. Our ingredients label on our bottle is extra large, so you can actually read it without a magnifying glass! We do this for total transparency. Notice how available the ingredient list is everywhere concerning Neuro-Stack. The ingredients are our number one selling point! Please read and compare our ingredients to any stack on the market today and you will see the EXTREME value in Neuro-Stack. Notice the potency percentages and the purity of all our ingredients. You will see we outshine everyone in the world.

Companies of the future must step up and put the consumer and the planet before the profit, and give back with part of the profits. At Akua Life we strive to do just that, customer safety and satisfaction is considered more important than profit, we are continually striving to be more Eco-friendly, and we give back a portion of our profits to helping Alzheimer patients. Money is not the driving force at Akua Life.  

The eight driving forces of Akua Life are simple

  1. Love  
  2. Quality
  3. Potency
  4. Results
  5. Helping People 
  6. Health Wellness
  7. Being Eco-Friendly
  8. Creating Happy Customers

Love, Quality, Potency, Results, Helping People, Health Wellness and Being Eco-Friendly are all precursors and very necessary in our opinion for making our biggest goal easy to obtain, Creating Happy Customers!

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