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As your foot crunches through the untouched snow on the step in front of you, you look up to see a thousand more steps ahead just like it.  You glance behind to see your footprints, one on each step, and you wish you had counted them as you went. Maybe you don’t since you’re not sure how far up the mountain you have to trudge to find the hut that the monk directed you to.  It’s cold, and your pack is heavy, but you keep going, you have to.  Rumors of this healer have led you this far, and if you make it to him, you can have your life back.

 Hours pass like days, and the wind whips at you so hard you can barely breathe.  Nearly collapsing, you find a nook hidden in the rocks.  A nook that looks suspiciously like a doorway.  You knock, weakly, but hopeful.  It opens smoothly without a sound, and your eyes follow the trailing white mustaches up to a wizened, wrinkled face.  He says something you can’t understand but gestures for you to come in, which you gratefully do, and slump just a little too near the fire.

 You don’t have the energy to protest as he takes your wrist, saying nothing, but touching specific points.  He sticks out his tongue, so you stick yours out too.  He’s made a few marks on a piece of paper that looks as old as he does.  You don’t really know what’s happening, but you’re here now, so you’re just going with it.

 A little while passes and, thoroughly warmed, you’re revitalized enough to follow the spark of curiosity about what he’s doing.  The sounds of drawers opening and closing and the scraping of stone on stone draw you to a side room with hundreds of tiny jars, and dried herbs hanging from the rafters.

He smiles broadly and explains to you in the most perfect English you could imagine:

For all ailments, we construct remedies first with the primary ingredient.  These are the strongest and will have the most impact on your well-being.  These are powerful herbs that have a noticeable effect, and if taken on their own might be too harsh for your comfort.  The secondary ingredients support the first, soothing effects that might be too strong and giving your body an additional boost where it’s needed.  The third set of ingredients is to keep your body strong, supported, and stable in your healing journey.

 Many of these formulations can be taken for an extended time to support your continued healing and allow you to enjoy more robust health than others of your age can imagine.  An occasional pause for a week or so will remind your body that the true source of healing is the self, and these herbal formulations are support, not a replacement for what your body will naturally do.

This wizened healer is the inspiration for the deeply researched and tested formula presented in Neuro-Stack.  You know that your experience of life and the way you interact with the world starts with how well your brain can perform, and with this, in mind, we’ve crafted Neuro-Stack using the same process that Traditional Chinese Medicine and traditional Indian Medicines use to craft medicinal formulas in Ayurvedic health. There are powerful herbs that create strong effects that might be too much to use on their own, there are supportive compounds that compliment the stronger herbs, and finally, there are ingredients designed to promote strength and healing in the tissues of the body.

We’re going to break down each of the ingredients in Neuro-Stack so you can have a deep understanding of our love and reverence for these high-quality biocompatible compounds.  Just as important as understanding the ingredients is having an expectation of how Neuro-Stack can benefit you.

You might be tempted to think that your thoughts are slower simply because you’re older, or stressed, or your diet isn’t the best.  These factors do play a role in compromising how fast your brain moves and taking Neuro-Stack each morning can bring you into the state of flow effortlessly, where you can easily make decisions, come up with creative solutions, and manage a hundred things on your plate each day.

Getting into that flow state with Neuro-Stack includes working with your brain chemistry to elevate your mood from the symptoms of anxiety and depression.  You’ll find yourself smiling at the smallest things in life, and downright gleeful at the big things.  Happiness and joy are essential to a fulfilling life of purpose, and being able to focus on the good things will bring gratitude and appreciation to every aspect of your day.

Since you have at least 100 things to do today and every other day in your schedule, you can expect the mental and physical stamina to tackle each task, from start to finish, with vigor.  You’ll have the focus and the drive to get more done in a day than most other people get done in a month.

Let’s break down the Neuro-Stack formula.  Each of these ingredients is of the highest quality available, and we’ve chosen the forms that are most biocompatible so you can enjoy the maximum benefit while avoiding side effects.


Bioavailable Vitamin Complex

Neuro-Stack combines several B vitamins to support energy balance in the body and brain.  It’s difficult for many people to get enough B vitamins from diet alone, and to make matters worse, it’s difficult to absorb them.  Since part of peak performance is having the energy for your brain and body to use when needed, we felt these were essential to the formula.  These are B1 (Thiamin), B3 (Niacin), B6 (Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate), B8 (Myo-Inositol), B9 (Quatrefolic), B12 (Methylcobalamin), and B5 (Pantothenic Acid).  These work in combination to optimize mitochondrial function and a number of other cellular processes.  Studies show that B vitamins are essential for brain and heart health, and may help to protect against certain forms of cancer.

 This B vitamin complex works synergistically with the herbal ingredients in Neuro-Stack to make each of them more potent and effective.  It’s common for new users of nootropics to try a stack and not get the results that they were expecting.  This lack of benefit is almost always due to insufficient cofactors, specifically these B vitamins, which are necessary for each element of the formula to create the desired effect.


Organic Lion’s Mane Extract


Lion’s Mane is a powerhouse mushroom that’s an incredible cognitive booster.  Regular organic Lion’s Mane is good, but we’ve spent literal years cultivating the most potent full spectrum Lion’s Mane available, and it’s only available in Neuro-Stack.  The growers that are part of Akua Life pride themselves on the extraordinarily high quality and potency of their mushrooms, and with over 35 years of experience, they’re experts in what they do.  Contrary to the Mycelium grown on grain or “grain spawn” limited spectrum supplements most companies sell, our Lion’s Mane is grown on  a natural substrate, not on cheap grain.  This means the mushroom itself is more potent in addition to not being contaminated and diluted by the grain other companies grow on.

Learn how to determine what type of mushroom product you are buying and why our fruiting body mushrooms are better than "grain Spawn" or Mycelium grown on grain or rice, HERE. 

Lion’s Mane is remarkable for its cognitive enhancement properties as well as the ways it can help to heal and regenerate myelin, the protective sheath that covers nerve fibers.  Taking Lion’s Mane stimulates the NGF, or Nerve Growth Factor, in the brain.  This means that it’s not only helping your brain to function better while you’re taking it, but improves your cognitive function even more over time since it stimulates the growth of new neurons.


With each dose, you can expect to have greater clarity in your thoughts as Lion’s Mane washes away brain fog.  It helps to relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression and can help you to learn faster.  It’s not a stimulant like caffeine.  Instead, you can expect to feel like your brain is “on,” letting you process more information which leads to improved decision-making abilities.  Since Lion’s Mane is one of the most powerful and most clinically studied herbal elements in our formula, we made sure to include plenty of it so you could enjoy these benefits.  (R, R, R, R, R)


Organic Raw Peruvian Cacao Extract


Chocolate is delicious, right?  Not everyone agrees, but those who do, and allow themselves to indulge, aren’t just getting a tasty treat.  Chocolate, or more accurately the cacao that it’s made from, possesses flavanols that have nootropic properties.  The extract from cacao beans stimulates neurotransmitters associated with a more positive mood and improved memory; it contains tyrosine and tryptophan, which are precursors to dopamine and serotonin.  When people say chocolate makes them happy, its because these neurotransmitters are doing the work.  Cacao improves circulation in the whole body, but especially in the brain, and it reduces oxidative stress because of its antioxidant content.  There is growing evidence that cacao can stimulate the growth of new neurons, which means it’s a useful tool in helping those with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s to heal.  (R, R, R, R, R, R)


We chose Organic Raw Peruvian Cacao for its rich history, which we can trace back to 1500 BC, and some scholars believe it’s several thousand years older than that.  It was called the “food of the gods,” and was consumed exclusively by royalty.  Having been heavily cultivated and exported around the world since then, we can all be blessed by this divine bean.


Bacopa Monnieri Extract


Bacopa monnieri has its origins in the Ayurvedic healing system in India, where its name stems from the god Brahma, the creator god in their pantheon.  It’s an interesting parallel that cognitive abilities are the root of the creative potential we can exert in our lives, and its clear by their texts that they understood how much this plant could elevate our brains.  Bacopa monnieri works in three ways: increasing the necessary neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the brain, reducing oxidative stress to improve cognition, and as an adaptogen to help heal from the damage of anxiety and stress.


The active compounds in bacopa monnieri are called bacosides, and our bacopa extract is greater than 50% of these bioavailable molecules.  This is a clinically relevant dose used in studies, and is higher than the vast majority of bacopa monnieri products available.  These bacoside compounds in the extract can cross the blood brain barrier so it has no trouble exerting its positive effects such as rebuilding neurons and improving neuronal plasticity for easier learning and memory formation.  It’s protective to the whole body in times of stress, and can dramatically reduce feelings of anxiety both short and long term.  Bacopa monnieri exerts effects immediately and over time, so as you take it, your body and brain are healing from previous damage so even if you stop taking it for a while, you’ll be better off than when you started.  (R, R, R, R)


CDP Choline


Most things that enhance and improve brain function increase the uptake of choline in the brain, using up this valuable nutrient faster than normal.  Choline is present in every cell of your body and is necessary as a primary neurotransmitter.  When there isn’t enough available, neurons can become damaged, signaling between nerves declines, and cognition can become severely impaired.  Symptoms of depression and anxiety as well as memory issues can increase.  Your body will rip choline out of other tissues to supply the brain if it doesn’t have enough.


Supplementing with CDP Choline ensures not only sufficient choline to the brain for normal activity, and enhanced cognition as a nootropic support agent, but can help to repair neurons and improve brain function on a cellular level.  This specific form of choline is water soluble and your body can use nearly 100% of it, compared to some other forms where 50% or less is absorbed.


CDP Choline is also known as Citicholine and is bound to Cytidine.  Cytidine is a precursor to uridine, a nucleotide that’s essential for neural connections and the strength of synapses.  This compound supports the other nootropic ingredients in Neuro-Stack, and confers the benefit of repairing the brain and improving cognitive performance.  CDP Choline is used in clinical settings to aid in the healing of stroke damage, where victims show noticeable improvement in strength and nerve function.  (R, R, R, R, R)


Lemon Balm Extract


If you have a green thumb you might have planted lemon balm to attract bees to your garden.  Historically this herb has been used enhance memory as well as the symptoms of illness such as high fevers, congestion, and insomnia.  A regular extract needs to be taken in a dose of 500mg to be effective.  We use a 10:1 concentrated extract so the 50mg in Neuro-Stack give the same benefits and active ingredients of 500mg of a typical supplement.


Lemon balm supports overall health and longevity, and the ways it helps the brain are numerous.  It contains two main active compounds: Eugenol, which is an antioxidant that’s five times more powerful than vitamin E, and Rosmarinic Acid, which has potent nootropic properties.  It’s this rosmarinic acid that that increases BDNF, or brain-derived neurotrophic factor, and increases the synthesis of dopamine, which elevates your mood.  It keeps stress at bay by upregulating GABA, which reduces the activity of glutamate, a compound that can overly stimulate cells.  The way lemon balm increases memory is by making the choline in the brain more active, stimulating stronger synapses and connections between neurons.  (R, R, R, R, R, R)


Ginkgo Biloba Extract


Ginkgo biloba is one of the oldest known species of trees on earth.  It’s also one of the oldest known medicinal plants, having been documented in the Chinese Materia Medica in 2800 BC.  Historically it’s been used for “damp” conditions such as edema, asthma, coughs, tonifying the vascular system, and yes, turning back the clock on the brain.  Our ginkgo biloba extract contains 24% flavonoids and 9% terpene lactones, and that’s higher than most other supplements available thanks to our high-quality sources and the purification methods they use.


MRI scans show that ginkgo biloba increases circulation in the brain, which is one of the reasons it’s a powerful memory booster.  The nutrients from the blood can more effectively reach brain tissue, and when your brain is more nourished it can work more efficiently.  Taking ginkgo biloba improves cognition, helps to regenerate brain cells, and improves mood by balancing neurotransmitter activity.  (R, R, R, R, R)


Rhodiola Rosea Extract


Native to Russia and the Scandinavian region, this herb is notable for increasing stamina in the body and the brain.  The form we use is Rhodiola5Plus, which is a patented extract that’s more potent and more bioavailable than other rhodiola rosea extracts available.  Much research has been done in Germany on rhodiola rosea due to its popularity, and they’ve observed its anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, mood improving, cognition enhancing effects.  One of the most dramatic ways you can feel rhodiola rosea working is that you’ll have an easier time focusing on tasks for a longer time.  Distractions won’t have the pull they usually do, which is a huge benefit in our distraction-filled lives.  While the reduction of C-reactive protein will noticeably reduce systemic inflammation, you’ll also be regenerating and growing new neurons for a more powerful brain.  (R, R, R, R)


Pine Bark Extract


Pine bark extract increases blood flow, and especially nitric oxide, in the brain.  This helps deliver fresh nutrients to neurons while removing waste matter efficiently, which leads to faster, clearer thinking.  It doesn’t specifically increase neurotransmitters, but it prevents the decrease of cerebral dopamine and norepinephrine.  Helping these neurotransmitters to stay in circulation longer can help relieve symptoms of attention deficit problems.  Pine bark extract reduces the kinds of oxidative stress that are at the root of neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.  It does this by clearing out cellular proteins that have been damaged so cells can repair themselves.  It protects DNA integrity in the same way, by reducing the damage from oxidative stress, and allowing cell membranes to remain both strong and flexible.  This is especially important in the brain, as it can reduce the risk of stroke.  Any people don’t feel a powerful immediate effect from pine bark extract despite how powerful an antioxidant it is, and that makes sense since it’s subtle.  The increased blood flow and neuronal repair are supporting players in the Neuro-Stack profile to improve overall brain health.  (R, R, R, R, R, R)


Artichoke Extract


Neuro-Stack contains 50mg of artichoke extract, and if you’re familiar with research on this supplement you might be worried since the effective dose is usually 500mg.  We took this into account and created a 10:1 extraction so we could retain all the benefits of the full dose with less raw material.  This 50g amount contains all of the active compounds that you’d find in 500mg of regular artichoke extract.  What’s more is that artichoke extract and forskohlii support each other to boost cAMP in the brain and prevent the rise of PDE4, which is a cAMP inhibitor.  This has a side effect of increasing dopamine production and use in the brain, stabilizing and improving your mood.


LTP, or Long-Term Potentiation, describes how repeated electrical stimulation strengthens synaptic connections.  It is a key element in synaptic plasticity, which is how brains learn new information and create memories.  Artichoke extract, through a cascade of reactions, increases neuroplasticity which makes learning and memory formation easier.  These same processes also boost motivation, which many people find difficulty with.


Artichoke extract works to grow new dendrites on neurons which improves communication between these nerve cells, and this also makes learning easier and faster.  You’ll need fewer repetitions of the same information before you remember it effortlessly.  Finally, this extract reduces the production of cytokines, which are an inflammatory compound that negatively impacts brain health.  Reducing this inflammation in the brain makes memory recall easier.  Using artichoke extract instead of certain isolated compounds allows it to be a more complete supplement and enhances its bioavailability.  (R, R, R, R, R, R)


Ashwagandha Root Extract


Reaching into the Ayurvedic traditions yields great results when it comes to healing plants for the brain.  Ashwagandha is a star in this regard, and it’s an adaptogenic herb that benefits the whole body.  It protects and strengthens the central nervous system, which means it can protect against degeneration from Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.  It has antioxidant properties to maintain the integrity of the DNA in cells.  It’s one of the more noticeable nootropic ingredients in terms of reducing stress, since it can decrease cortisol to more manageable levels.  Ashwagandha also protects levels of choline in the brain, which is a necessary compound for leaning, memory, and fast, clear thinking.  It’s clinically on par with some pharmaceuticals when it comes to relieving the symptoms of anxiety and depression, so you can expect to enjoy a more even mood and calm disposition.  Ashwagandha supports your body’s resiliency against stress, so your most challenging tasks will become more of a cakewalk.  (R, R, R, R)


Cat’s Claw Extract


A tough vine native to the jungles in Central and South America, this plant was named for the claw shaped thorns that grow along its length.  The root and the inner bark are what hold the medicinal properties in the form of at least 30 bioactive compounds.  While there may seem to be a small dose of Cat’s Claw in Neuro-Stack, this 50mg dose is the equivalent of 500mg since it’s a 10:1 concentration.  This means we can provide you with the same level of benefit in a smaller number of capsules.


Several of the ingredients in Neuro-Stack have anti-inflammatory benefits for the brain, and Cat’s Claw was selected partially for this reason.  It calms neurological inflammation allowing the brain to heal and regenerate while alleviating symptoms of depression and memory loss.  It’s a well-rounded addition since it also increases BDNF and stimulates the correction of damaged DNA strands.  This leads to improved memory and more stable moods.  Maintaining a positive mindset is essential for success no matter what you’re endeavoring to accomplish, and cat’s claw helps to raise serotonin levels to keep your mood unshakeable in the face of challenges.  Some traditional cultures have used cat’s claw to reduce pain, and research shows that it’s effective for this application as well.  (R, R, R, R, R)


Forskohlii Root Powder


Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate, or cAMP, is an essential signaling molecule for neurons in the brain to communicate with each other, and it’s necessary for the synapse growth involved with long term learning.  Forskohlii is unique in that it can increase cAMP, which is something no other supplement has been shown to do.  It has many other uses from other medical practices, such as aiding digestion, reducing obesity, soothing male and female reproductive issues, improving heart health, and more.  We’ve chosen it for Neuro-Stack because it’s been shown in increase cAMP as well as to make BDNF more active to improve long term learning and memory recall.  It can increase cerebral blood flow and improve central nervous system conditions associated with weakness.


This powerful ingredient likely won’t make you feel any different, but there will be a marked improvement in your cognitive abilities immediately and over time.  You may find yourself more curious and motivated, so you can be more creative in your problem solving.  Forskohlii works synergistically with the artichoke root extract in Neuro-Stack to improve the balance of certain neurotransmitters and makes dopamine more effective in the brain.  (R, R, R, R)




Suntheanine is a patented form of the amino acid L-theanine that’s produced by an enzymatic fermentation process.  L-theanine is present in green tea and has been studied for the way it can help shift brainwave patterns away from the beta state into the alpha state.  Beta brain wave state feels as though you are awake but overly stimulated and stressed, like being overwhelmed and anxious, unable to focus.  Alpha brain wave state allows you to reach the “flow” of whatever you’re working on, since it lets your brain stay alert and focused without feeling like your head is screaming at you.


Suntheanine is a pure synthesized isomer of L-theanine that promotes a relaxed type of alertness, and you can expect to feel poised for action without being jittery.  It’s relaxing, but rejuvenating, and allows you to think more clearly and in a more focused way.  Since it’s an amino acid that can easily cross the blood brain barrier, it has positive impacts specifically on brain tissue.  It’s unique for how it can increase alpha and theta brain waves, which leads to greater creativity and mental distance from traumatic events of the past.  Suntheanine can help to protect your brain from excess glutamate while increasing hormones that make you feel great, including dopamine, serotonin, and GABA.  You’ll enjoy decreased mental stress while increasing your productivity.  (R, R, R, R, R)




Often abbreviated PS for ease of reading, phosphatidylserine primarily works to maintain the integrity and pliability of the membranes of brain cells.  It keeps them flexible, and helps to ensure the needed nutrients, oxygen, enzymes, and other factors can enter the cell easily, just as waste material is escorted out.  It makes communication between neurons easier and supports the growth of new, healthy neurons.


PS is an essential part of a healthy, fully functioning brain, and getting more of this nutrient can protect and improve the integrity of your brain tissue.  The effect is that you’ll have a longer attention span, improved memory recall, faster cognition, more optimistic mood, and focused alertness.  As a natural compound that is needed in greater amounts that the diet can typically provide, we wanted to ensure Neuro-Stack included enough phosphatidylserine to foster brain healing, mental health, and neuronal growth.


The vast majority of PS available in supplements is derived from soy and it has such a low potency that it’s virtually ineffective when taken.  More than that, many people experience negative effects since soy is becoming a more prevalent allergy.  The phosphatidylserine we use in Neuro-Stack is derived from sunflower, and is 70% potent, as opposed to soy PS, which is often as low as 20% potent.  So why do other manufacturers use soy PS at all?  The price of soy PS is quite low, making it a bargain for manufacturers.  We want to give you the best price we can, but quality is our top priority so we’ll always search out the best forms, even if it makes Neuro-Stack a little more expensive than other products.  (R, R, R, R, R)




Bioperine is a patented form of black pepper extract, and it’s highly bioavailable.  While all ingredients in Neuro-Stack are highly bioavailable on their own, bioperine boosts their effects in the body.  Bioperine is like an amplifier for each of the other ingredients, and it has benefits of its own.  Research shows that bioperine can increase serotonin and dopamine, which are two of the most prominent feel-good hormones.  It can improve the regulation of the immune system, as well as degrease inflammation.  Bioperine can also help you to have more focused attention when you set your mind to a task.  While eating black pepper is healthy for you, this specific extract is more potent than typical black pepper that you might have in your kitchen.  (R, R, R, R)


We’ve put an immense amount of effort into developing the formula for Neuro-Stack because we believe that you deserve to function at your highest level, and we’re constantly evaluating new studies to ensure we have the best ingredients possible.  Whether you need a little boost for your day, or have challenges to conquer, or you’re looking to perform at the top of your field, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.  The world needs more people who are focused and able to make strides on the projects that they love, and that’s people just like you.  You’re here to make a difference, and we’re here to support you.


Our meticulously & strategically formulated nootropic supplement consists of 22 premium nootropics that may help you with your MEMORY, FOCUS, CLARITY, ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, ENERGY, BRAIN FOG, PAIN RELIEF, AGING BODY, AND AGING BRAIN.* NEURO-STACK MAY EVEN BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM! We even have four patented ingredients for optimum cellular absorption.

A magnificent bonus to Neuro-Stack is that it has several ingredients that have ANTI-AGING properties. Lion's Mane Mushroom has shown to have anti-aging properties in human cell cultures. Cacao and many other ingredients in this magnificent blend help slow the aging process too.*

Neuro-Stack can help you become happier, 18 of the 22 ingredients influence and create dopamine, serotonin, acetylcholine, and norepinephrine naturally. They are feel-good hormones and neurotransmitters, so you feel happier because you produce more.

But don't take our word for it, try it and FEEL IT IN YOUR MIND, BODY & SPIRT!

We so are confident in our product we offer a solid 100-day money back guarantee! For a 30-day product, crazy right? Bottom line is that Neuro-Stack is that good. We put our money where our mouth is, a $50 risk for us. If you are not 100% satisfied, return it and

we will REFUND your money! 

Neuro-Stack will give you more energy, and boost your immune system.* Sounds awesome, right? Because it is!

Maybe to good to be true? I guess you will never know unless YOU will never know unless YOU TRY IT. Why not? We are taking all the risk.

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Do you experience brain fog or feel unfocused?

Do you want to be happier and more energetic?

Would you like to boost your immune system?

Would you like to look and feel younger?

At AKUA LIFE, we have what you need.

We diligently searched the world to bring you 22 of the most potent and powerful nootropics available. Neuro-Stack has 22, yes, 22 high-quality potent nootropics in it, including 4 patented more bio-available ones! Laboratory tested & packaged in the USA in an FDA registered facility. 

Together, this unique blend of 22 premium nootropics has a syngenetic effect that helps optimize the brain connectivity, maximize neurogenesis (growth of neurons), and create a magnificent effect that you can feel in your own body.

Neuro-Stack may help balance hormonal mood swings & can help protect the heart. It creates an overall feeling of well-being due to the production of dopamine and serotonin a total brain booster. It is an anti-inflammatory that boosts brainpower and the immune system.*

Yes, it's an anti-aging, immune system booster, and brain support supplement.* 

  • MISPLACED YOUR KEYS OR YOUR PHONE AGAIN? ARE YOU FORGETTING THINGS MORE OFTEN? ARE YOU HAVING A PROBLEM REMEMBERING PEOPLES NAMES? IF SO, NO WORRIES WE HAVE YOU COVERED! LION'S MANE MUSHROOM CAN HELP ENHANCE MEMORY, FOCUS, & CLARITY: Our product is 100% fungal matter & organically grown on a farm on natural substrates the way nature intended, this is paramount concerning the purity and potency. No fillers and >3% starch or rice and that is a huge fact why talking about potency and results! Learn why HERE. Lions Mane stimulates the synthesis of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), enhances nerve regeneration (you heal faster). In human cell cultures, it demonstrated ANTI-AGING properties you can FEEL younger today!*
  • DO YOU WANT TO BE HAPPIER & HEALTHIER? LIONS MANE MUSHROOM, BACOPA MONNIERI, CDP-CHOLINE, LEMON BALM, GINKO BILOBA, RHODIOLA ROSEA, PINE BARK, ASHWAGANDHA,  CATS CLAW, CACAO, AND PHOSPHATIDYLSERINE 70%( from sunflower, NOT SOY like 95% of our competitors) MAY ALL BE ABLE TO HELP WITH ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, & IRRITABILITY: They enhance the release of dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine, acetylcholine, and can repair neurons. They help with fatigue, headaches, stress, infections, and many BOOST your immune system! FEEL HAPPIER with NEURO-STACK! FOR REALS, start FEELING HAPPIER, you deserve it!*
  • WOULD YOU LIKE TO FEEL & LOOK YOUNGER? ORGANIC PERUVIAN CACAO EXTRACT IS ONE OF 22 SPECIES OF THEOBROMA & IT MEANS- "FOOD OF THE GODS”: IT HAS ANTIOXIDANTS THAT PREVENT PREMATURE AGING! Cacao protects the heart, an immune system booster, has 40x the antioxidants of blueberries, and more calcium than cow's milk! Increases the blood flow to the brain while improving microcirculation and oxygen saturation for BETTER SKIN TEXTURE! This nootropic will have you FEELING & LOOKING YOUNGER, try it & see!*
  • TOTAL TRANSPARENCY - OUR INGREDIENT LIST IS EXTRA LARGE EVERYWHERE, NO HIDING BEHIND A PROPRIETARY BLEND! WHY DON'T WE ADD DMAE? According to research posted at the National Center for Biotechnology Information, and at AKUA.LIFE. A disruption in choline by DMAE resulted in developmental defects and growth retardation in mouse embryos. And in a placebo-controlled trial with 2-dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE) 45% of participants were withdrawn because of SIDE EFFECTS of INCREASED CONFUSION & RETARDATION!
  • Huperzine-A can be toxic in large amounts. It has a long half-life, 24-hours after taking 50% is still in your body. Not recommended for daily use. See the research we uncovered concerning DMAE (see our pages on DMAE and Huperzine-A for under the info tab for links to clinical studies)

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Many of our ingredients have a higher percentage of potency and a larger dose than other products on the market. We even have four patented ingredients for maximum absorption and more bioavailable. Here's is a list of our ingredients.

To name a few of our superior ingredients: Organic Full Spectrum Lion's Mane Mushroom (grown on a farm), Phosphatidylserine 60% from sunflower, Rhodiola Rosea 3% Rosavins & 2% Salidroside, Bacopa Monnieri at 50%, Vitamin B9 as Quaterfolic®, L-theanine as Suntheanine®, Black Pepper Extract as Bioperine®, and Ginkgo Biloba at 24% Flavonoids & 9% Terpene Lactones and there is more!

Please compare our potencies to Neuro Peak, Onit, Alpha Brain, Optimind, Mind Lab Pro, Modafinil, and Neuroignite. Notice the potency and dosage amounts; we aced all of them! There is no better value than our stack, period.

Neuro-Stack even stimulates NGF - Nerve Growth Factor for enhanced nerve regeneration (you heal faster) and it can help relieve you of pain, it is from the Lion's Mane Mushroom.*

1. Our Organic Lion's Mane mushrooms are grown on a farm on natural substrates. The most famous and well-known mushroom brand grows "Grain Spawn." No thank you. Grain spawn is mycelium that is grown on grain or rice. That way of producing is antiquated, and you lose 30-60% potency. Companies call their mushroom products "Full Spectrum Mushrooms" when they are really grain spawn. We are NOT a grain spawn product, our product is the mushroom fruiting body, 100% fungal matter and that makes a huge difference in potency. 
Learn why our fruiting body mushrooms are better than Mycelium grown on Grain or rice, HERE.
2. Organic Peruvian Cacao
3. Bacopa Monnieri extract at > 50% Bacosides
4. CDP Choline 
5. Lemon Balm Extract 10:1 concentrate 
6. Ginkgo Biloba at 24% Flavonoids  9% Terpene Lactones
7. Rhodiola Rosa 3% Rosavins & 2% Salidroside
8. Pine Bark at 96.8%
9. Artichoke Extract at 10:1 concentrate
10. Ashwagandha
11. Cats Claw Extract 10:1 concentrate
12. Vitamin B9 as Quatrefolic® 
13. L-Theanine Suntheanine® 
14. Black Pepper Extract as Bioperine® 
15. Phosphatidylserine 60% from SUNFLOWER at 60%. Most companies use a less percentage of 20%-50%, and they use Phosphatidylserine from soybean! 60% sunflower is expensive and very rare to find in a premade stack because of its cost.
16. B8 we used Myo-Inositol more bioavailable 
17. B6 we used P-5-P as an upgrade
18. B12 methylcobalamin 
19. B1 Thiamin
20. B3 Niacin
21. Forskohlii Root Powder
22. B5 Pantothenic Acid
For a more detailed explanation concerning our ingredients click HERE.

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