It may be true that DMAE improves cognitive functions like many other nootropics, but as we dug a little deeper into DMAE, we found two clinical studies that made us realize 100% there was no way DMAE would ever make it into our masterpiece, Neuro-Stack. We do not believe that DMAE should even be called a nootropic, and after you read the information from the clinical studies, you may feel the same as we do. We concluded that this is one nootropic to steer clear of, let us share our journey to this decision.

During the infancy stages of the development of Neuro-Stack, DMAE was one of the ingredients on the list to be considered. It was at the top of the list because it is well known, seemed to produce results, and it was incredibly inexpensive, which also makes it extremely profitable!

DMAE is one of the cheapest nootropics available behind the cheapest ever, Huperzine-A. You can buy DMAE on Amazon (as of May 2018), for under 3 cents per dose, which is 90 cents for a months supply, retail! Even if we bought at retail, the mark up for resale is still over 500%! The profit margins are so vast that there is no way to lose putting DMAE into your stack, and this is most likely the main reason so many stacks have DMAE in them. It benefits any company to add DMAE to their stack because of the ridiculous profit margin but from our research, not so pleasant for the people consuming it.

What we are about to share with you is either unknown, overlooked, or just ignored by our competitors. Let us assume that other companies using DMAE are not informed of the risks of DMAE; this makes it at least ethical. The reasons or excuses for missing this extremely important information are quite frankly unacceptable in our opinion.

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Companies of the future must step up and put the consumer and the planet before the profit, and give back with part of the profits. At Akua Life we strive to do just that, customer safety and satisfaction is considered more important than profit, we are continually looking for ways to make our product more Eco-friendly, and we give back a portion of our profits to helping Alzheimer's patients. Money is not the driving force at Akua Life.  

The eight driving forces of Akua Life are simple

  1. Love  
  2. Quality
  3. Potency
  4. Results
  5. Helping People 
  6. Health Wellness
  7. Being Eco-Friendly
  8. Happy Customers :)

Love, Quality, Potency, Results, Helping People, Health Wellness and Being Eco-Friendly are all precursors and very necessary in our opinion for making our biggest goal easy to obtain, Creating Happy Customers!

Even though DMAE was going to make us a lot of money because of the hefty profit margin, it got scratched off the Neuro-Stack ingredients list PRONTO!

Let's start with three quotes from a well-known medical doctor, Dr. Andrew Weil. After reading these quotes look into the clinical studies themselves which show developmental abnormality in mice embryos and side effects in human beings which included retardation and increased confusion.

“Evidence that DMAE actually influences acetylcholine levels are contradictory, so I wouldn’t count on supplements to yield positive effects.”

“One study published in 1979 linked DMAE with depression and moderate symptoms of mania (hypomania).”

“I currently see no evidence that taking it will do anyone any good.”

Dr. Andrew Weil

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The side effects of daily DMAE usage sneak up on you, you may not even know that DMAE is the culprit because they are common issues. Headaches, depression, confusion, insomnia, tense muscles, tightness in the jaw, neck or shoulders, increased blood pressure, gastrointestinal problems, confusion, drowsiness, body odor, and irritability. Those with bipolar disorder may experience an increase in symptom severity as well as frequency. Also, those with diagnosed epilepsy, or a history of convulsions, should not use DMAE.

DMAE inhibits choline and the metabolism of choline. This is a serious problem especially since you 100% need choline and acetylcholine for your brain to operate to its full potential. [i]

According to the research done by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). A disruption in choline intake created by DMAE resulted in developmental abnormalities in the neurulation mouse embryos. If you are pregnant, and you take DMAE, there is a good chance that you may have developmental abnormalities and growth retardation in your embryo.

Since humans share 69.6% of the same genes as mice and are creating new cells daily, it was a big deal to our research and executive teams. [ii]

We saw this as a serious enough problem to not think further about adding it to Neuro-Stack. We did not feel comfortable putting ingredients in our stack that created birth defects and developmental abnormalities in ANY embryos.

Still not convinced to give up DMAE? Here comes the grand slam.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) is part of the United States National Library of Medicine (NLM), a branch of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The NCBI posted research concerning a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial in 1981 of which 2-dimethylaminoethanol was undertaken in 27 patients with moderately severe or severe Alzheimer's disease. Of the 13 patients in the drug group, six or 46% were withdrawn in the first five weeks of the trial because of side effects! The side effects included retardation, increased confusion, drowsiness, and elevation of blood pressure. "No significant benefit appeared from the drug treatment."

As far as we are concerned that was the nail in the coffin for DMAE; we will never use it in any stack, ever.

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All of the ingredients in Neuro-Stack are safe for daily use. Thousands and thousands of hours and meticulous care were taken in the development, research, and selection of the ingredients in Neuro-Stack. Many of the ingredients in Neuro-Stack compliment each other and have a synergetic effect, similar to the synergetic effect of THC & CBD.

CONCLUSION ABOUT DMAE: It makes good financial sense for a company to add DMAE for profit. Because of the effect of DMAE on mice embryos, and the clinical study that people were "withdrawn because of the side effect of retardation and confusion." We concluded that is not worth the risk. With so many choices of nootropics, today why bother with the cheap and dangerous DMAE? 100% if you are planning on being pregnant or are pregnant, do not use DMAE. We did not want our customers to have any possible chance of retardation, confusion, drowsiness, high blood pressure, or developmental abnormalities at pregnancy. Bottom line "Just say no to DMAE."



We chose not to use DMAE AND HUPERZINE-A  in our stack, ever, period. With so many choices on the market today, the reward versus the risk is not worth it. If you do decide to use them, then buy them separately. Literally, it costs a manufacturer less than ONE DOLLAR for a months supply of DMAE and Huperzine-A, why pay such an astronomical markup and have possible health risks too?

Be more discerning when it comes to your nootropic stack. Read the labels and get the highest potency possible. Our ingredients label on our bottle is extra large, so you can actually read it without a magnifying glass! We do this for total transparency. Notice how available the ingredient list is everywhere concerning Neuro-Stack. The ingredients are our number one selling point! Please read and compare our ingredients to any stack on the market today and you will see the EXTREME value in Neuro-Stack. Notice the potency percentages and the purity of all our ingredients. You will see we outshine everyone in the world.

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