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    What is Neuro-Stack?

    Neuro-Stack is a new nootropic blend from the company, Akua Life. Of all the nootropic blends we’ve reviewed, Neuro-Stack boasts the most impressive and inclusive list of ingredients we’ve seen yet.

    Akua Life is a new company and Neuro-Stack is their only product so far. But for a first product, it’s impressive – really impressive.

    Neuro-Stack contains 22 different nootropics, all of which are backed by plenty of scientific research. It comes in an attractive bottle that lists not just the ingredients, but how much of each of them are in Neuro-Stack.

    Bought separately, the ingredients in Neuro-Stack would cost over $400.

    This, to me, is very important. A lot of nootropic blends only list the ingredients but not how much of each is in the product. They can get away with this by calling it a “proprietary blend.” But for informed nootropics users like you and me, this is unacceptable. We want to know exactly what we’re putting in our bodies.

    By listing how much of each ingredient is present in their product, Akua Life has shown me that they’re a company I can trust. They’re not trying to hide anything and, as a consumer, I respect that.

    Neuro-Stack comes in capsule form. One serving is 4 capsules. And each bottle contains 120 capsules – in other words, 30 servings.

    If you were to buy all of the ingredients in Neuro-Stack individually, they would cost over $400 a month. Fortunately, Neuro-Stack only costs a fraction of that. Right now, you can get this awesome product on Amazon. But don’t just take our word for it. Go read the reviews on Amazon to see what others are saying about Neuro-Stack.

    So, what are these 22 ingredients? Let’s briefly go over what’s in Neuro-Stack now.

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    Neuro-Stack Ingredients

    7 B Vitamins – Contains vitamin B1 (thiamine), B3 (niacin), B5 (pantothenic acid), B6 (pyridoxal-5-phosphate), B8 (myo-inositol), B9 (Quatrefolic), & B12 (methylcobalamin). B vitamins play a vital role in several bodily functions, including energy production and brain health.

    Lion’s Mane – An adaptogen known to improve mood, reduce anxiety, and boost cognitive performance.

    CDP Choline – A powerful choline source that has been shown to improve dopamine function in the brain.

    Ashwagandha Root Extract – Another adaptogen with an impressive list of benefits including reduced anxiety and improved mood.

    Bacopa Monnieri Extract – Like ashwagandha, bacopa is an adaptogenic herb with a variety of benefits.

    Lemon Balm Extract – A soothing plant that can reduce anxiety and stress.

    Suntheanine – A type of well-researched l-theanine known to reduce anxiety and decrease the side effects of caffeine.

    Rhodiola Rosea – Yet another adaptogenic plant known to improve mood and overall cognitive performance.

    Ginkgo Biloba Extract – A well-known nootropic that can improve several aspects of cognitive functioning.

    Aside from the 15 common nootropics listed above, Neuro-Stack also contains the following: Organic raw Peruvian cacao extract, pine bark extract, artichoke extract, cat’s claw extract, forskohlii root powder, phosphatidylserine, and black pepper extract.

    All of these ingredients work together to increase focus and motivation, improve learning and mood, and reduce anxiety and stress. They all have plenty of research behind them to support their safety and effectiveness. Of the nootropic blends we’ve reviewed, Neuro-Stack contains by far the most inclusive list of well-researched ingredients.

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    Neuro-Stack Review

    I gotta say: I was impressed with Neuro-Stack from day one. Not only was the packaging attractive, it was also informative. Neuro-Stack lists how much of each ingredient is in their product, which gave me a chance to look up the two or three ingredients I wasn’t familiar with. Off to a good start.

    Before trying any new nootropics, I like to take at least a couple weeks off allnootropics. I didn’t take anything for over three weeks before trying Neuro-Stack. I wanted to be sure that the results I got were not due to something else in my system.

    As the bottle instructs, I took 4 capsules every morning with food. There was one morning that I took the 4 capsules on an empty stomach and I experienced some nausea for a couple hours afterward, but it passed by lunchtime.

    I definitely noticed some effects on the first day. It wasn’t anything mind-blowing, but I felt a little more relaxed and maybe a little more focused. I kept a journal throughout the experiment, jotting down a few notes every day so I wouldn’t forget.

    Day two was just like day one. I felt a little more relaxed than usual and stayed on task a bit easier than normal. But then on day three, that’s when I really started to notice a difference.

    My day three notes read, “Much more focused today. Steady energy all morning and deep into the afternoon. Made decisions quickly and easily with little hesitation and anxiety.” At this point, I was really starting to feel optimistic about Neuro-Stack.

    I continued to take 4 capsules of Neuro-Stack daily for two weeks. The effects continued to become more noticeable with each passing day. During the last few days of this experiment, I was feeling more confident and focused, yet more relaxed, too. I found myself getting into flow states much easier.

    I never experienced any side effects during the two weeks, other than some moderate nausea the one time I took Neuro-Stack without food. Aside from that, everything I experienced was overwhelmingly positive.

    According to Neuro-Stack’s label (and research done on the ingredients), it can take up to four weeks to experience the full benefits. Since I have other products to review, unfortunately, I only had time to give Neuro-Stack a two-week trial. But even after only two weeks, I got to enjoy all the benefits listed above.

    In the future, I plan on trying Neuro-Stack for a full thirty days, if not longer. As far as pre-made nootropic blends go, Neuro-Stack is a winner. It’s safe, effective and, considering the impressive list of ingredients, reasonably priced.

    Neuro-Stack is not yet available in stores. Fortunately, it is available on Amazon. Go check it out, read the reviews, and decide if Neuro-Stack is right for you. For most people, it’s the perfect nootropic blend and at a very reasonable price.

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    • Decreased anxiety
    • Improved mood
    • Increased focus and motivation
    • Convenient
    • Easy to use
    • Well-researched formula
    • Synergistic formula
    • Lists exact dosage of each nootropic
    • 100 % vegan
    • Contains zero caffeine
    • Reasonably priced, considered all the ingredients


    • May take several weeks to notice full benefits
    • Can’t alter the ratio of ingredients
    • With so many ingredients, you can’t tell what’s doing what



    4 capsules

    Length Of Use

    14 days

    *FDA Disclaimer


    Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of specific results & results can vary.