Phosphatidylserine as Sharp-PS GREEN® 60% From Sunflower

We upgraded our Phosphatidylserine to a patented version called SharpPS GREEN® 60% from sunflower. 

Most Phosphatidylserine being sold on the market is derived from soy and the percentages normally come in one of there percentages 20, 50, or 70%. As you probably guessed the higher the percentage the higher the quality and the more expensive. The highest quality and the most expensive types of Phosphatidylserine are those made from sunflower.

If a company is not bragging about the source of their Phosphatidylserine chances are it is not highest quality sunflower and it most likely it is derived from soy at 20%.

SharpPS GREEN® is the only Phosphatidylserine that has two  FDA Approved Qualified Health Claims

1. "Consumption of PS may reduce the risk of cognitive dysfunction in the elderly" 

2. "Consumption of PS may reduce the risk of dementia in the elderly"

Scientific research also shows that SharpPS GREEN® had positive effects on mood and on memory. Clinical studies showed positive results for dementia too. Even in teenagers, a group whose cognitive performance is at a peak, supplementation of 100mg of SharpPS GREEN® for 40 days showed cognitive improvements.

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