Samples & Subscriptions

1 Week Samples - FREE shipping, FREE product - 20 Capsules.*

We will pay for 1 week worth of Neuro-Stack, and we will pay for shipping

A bottle of Neuro-Stack is $54.96 for a months supply. 

We will give you a 50% discount off your first bottle and mail you a bottle every month for 10% off the list price thats $49.46, starting 21 days after the trail starts. This is the ONLY time this deal will be offered and it is our BEST DEAL

If you are not satisfied with the results after 1 week cancel your subscription, no worries.

* A .50¢ charge is charged to your credit card to confirm your credit card is valid. It is charged under shipping.


3 Days of Samples - For 3 Bucks - 12 capsules!

Enjoy 3 days worth of Neuro-Stack for only $3.00 total, that is it, no subscriptions, no games, and no other charges. It is a great program.

The flaw in this program is if you like Neuro-Stack and want to buy it in the future you will not get the super lowball price offered in the 1 week free subscription deal.

Thanks for trying us out!