Samples & Subscriptions

1 Week Samples - FREE shipping, FREE product - 20 Capsules.*

We will pay for 1 week worth of Neuro-Stack, and we will pay for shipping

You agree to take Neuro-Stack for 5 days in a row and leave us a review. We will mail you a bottle every month for the price of $48.88, starting 21 days after the trail starts. as a bonus, we will continue to pay for the shipping! This is the ONLY time this deal will be offered and it is our BEST DEAL. It is almost $20 less than our Amazon price and $40 less than our list price of $88.88.

* A .50¢ charge is charged to your credit card to confirm your credit card is valid. It is charged under shipping.


3 Days of Samples - For 3 Bucks!

Enjoy 3 days worth of Neuro-Stack for only $3.00 total, that is it, no subscriptions, no games, and no other charges. It is a great program.

The flaw in this program is if you like Neuro-Stack and want to buy it in the future you will not get the super lowball price offered in the 1 week free subscription deal.

Please let us know about your results with Neuro-Stack by leaving us a review! Thanks for trying us out!