For a limited time we will give you a $20 discount off your first bottle only***, and mail you a bottle every 30-days for 10% off the list price starting 30-days from the order. Limited time offer, price subject to change, offer subject to change. One subscription offer per customer per household. Contact us if you want more than one subscription. :)

If you are not satisfied with the results after three weeks, cancel your subscription, no worries. Please wait 2-weeks if you plan on canceling so that you can make an informed decision.

Some people feel the benefits in the first day or two. If you didn't don't worry most people feel the effects in 2-3 weeks because many of the ingredients take that long to feel the benefits. Keep taking it and re-access at the three week mark. It is not a slap in the face feeling, the feeling is more like I can see clearly now the rain is gone.

Many customers shorten the delivery cycle from 30-days to 21 or 15-days. If you want to do this contact us or login to your account and do so. :)

** The one week trail with possible subscription details 

We will pay for 1-week worth of Neuro-Stack for you and pay to ship to you. You agree to take for 5 days straight to see if you get results you would like. When you like it, do nothing and on the 18th day after the original order date you will be sent you first bottle. If you want cancel you can, but please wait until you have tried the product for the full 5-days. A .50¢ charge is charged to your credit card to confirm your credit card is valid. It is charged under shipping. 

You can order Neuro-Stack here by clicking this link.


***This offer is only valid for the first bottle with subscription, the bottles after that will be delivered with a 10% discount. One subscription per customer per household. If you need to order more than one bottle please contact us for written authorization. Not valid with other discount offers.